Kpalimé is one of the most attractive and lovely tourists destinations located in the Plateau Region of Togo with a driving distance of 120kms from Lome, the capital city of Togo.
A city with the most beautiful temperature and line up with many waterfalls such as Kpimé, Ayomé and others to really discover the real nature and creations.
You may also see a historic but natural Cave and natural forests in Kpalimé.
Kpalimé is known as as one of the best artisan cities of Togo where you can get as many hand made crafts for souvenirs when you visit Togo.
Do not just read about Kpalimé. Experience it yourself.
Success Global is here to serve you better with affordable tour packages.

Price: 75000Fcfa for each tourist including food, refreshments transports and tickets for the tourists centres.
A day trip only.
Staying more than a day, all tourists will be responsible for their lodging, food and other things for the extra day.
Transport will still be availabe with no additional costs.

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