Togo Tours

Air-conditioned SUV available for groups up to 6 people

Fresh fishes at the fishing habour
Women selling fish at the fish market
Bar Restaurant Etoile d’Afrique

Fishing activities at the fish market in Lome

Togo is one of the beautiful countries located in the Western Coast of Africa.
A country located in the Golf of Guinea with a long but large stretched beach with many tourists attraction centres that are not known to many people all over the world.

Togo is one of the strongest business centre with the biggest autonomed port that attracts many business people from all walk of Africa and around the world.

In Success Global Group Togo, we are a company that is established to help you discover the beauty of Togo through our comfortable, secure and afforadable tour services.
We arrange the best tour packages for all people from around the world visiting Togo for tourism or business to discover the real beauty and business opportunities.

Your local guide speaks fluent French and English. Our smart cars with good but patient drivers can help you to discover as many interesting places within a short or long stay in Togo.
Alternatively we are happy to listen to your suggestions if you would like to visit other locations within the West Africa Region.

Our tours

Lomé city tour

Lomé: market, fish market, arts /crafts market, vodoo market beach..

Price: from 65.000 CFA per person, including transport, food and refreshments
: 1 day
2 – 6 people

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Slave house + Lake Togo and Togoville

Visit the Wood Home, a 18th-century prison for enslaved Africans.
Cross Togo lake in a gondola and visit Togoville and also have a relaxed but comfortable stop over at Hotel de Lac.

Price: from 65.000 CFA
: 1 day
2 – 6 people

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Kpalime + waterfall


Park Sarakawa

Park Sarakawa is located in the Northern Part of Togo and about 445km from the capital of Togo. Discover the Peak of Aledjo, Tambarama village, Tchamde Elephant park, Dapaong, Mango and others.

Price: from 150.000 CFA per person
Included: logding, food, refreshment, all tickets for the sites for each tourist.
Duration: 3 days
3-6 people

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Exclusive 10 day tour for groups

A great selection of different activities in Kara , Koutammako, Pendjari, Kpalime and Lomé. You will visit, hike and stay in remote villages, visit caves and museums, swim in waterfalls, experience tradtional living culture. Mid way your trip you discover Koutammako the land of the Batammariba a stunning UNESCO world heritage cultural landscape and architecture. Travelling south, you will hike in the primary forest at Kpalime area and learn about the use of plants, herbs and trees collected from the jungle.

Price: from 2.300 € per person
: 10 days
3- 10 people

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