We offer a range of services to make your stay more easy and enjoyable.

Helping tourists with local VISA registration

It is possible to get a 7 day visa on arrival in Lomé airport, but be prepared for at least an hour delay for the visa processing.
If you planning to stay longer than 7 days, you need to have your Visa extended in at the immigration office in Lomé 5 days after your arrival.
You will have to fill out the visa extention form, hand over your passport with two photos, and pick up the passport the following day.

Helping with SIM card registration

The 2 main telephone line operators are Togocel and MOOV.

First you need to go to an office of these operators to have a SIM registered on your name. So you will need your passport for this. After that you can just top your credit balance in one of many small stores all around the country.

The credits can be used for both calling and data traffic. Special data-only SIM cards do also exist, where price per GB is a bit cheaper.

Airport pick-up on arrival and return on departure
SUV with driver for rent
Locating accommodation and appartments for tourists
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